Beijing, November 7, 2012

CRIF Delivers Speech on Microfinance at the 8th China FRM Annual Conference

Mr. PAN Jin, CRIF (Beijing)’s Microfinance Practice Consultant, made a speech on “The Application of Scoring Technology in Microfinance” during the “Credit Risk Management of Commercial Banks” session at the 8th China FRM Annual Conference. The speech focused on the introduction of models and technology to microfinance lending, and it triggered positive interest from several banks including Bank of Dalian, Bank of Harbin, and several other participants from the finance industry.

Around 100 Chinese and international guests delivered speeches during various sessions and discussion panels. The FRM Conference is organized annually, aiming to promote the communication of ideas, regulations, and technology in the field of risk management between Chinese risk managers, to strengthen communication between Chinese managers and their international counterparts, and to develop into the largest technical communication platform for financial risk management in China.