Shanghai and Beijing, December 12 and 14, 2016

CRIF organizes credit risk management seminar series in Shanghai and Beijing

CRIF started the seminar series on credit risk management in December 2016, held in Shanghai and Beijing on December 12 and 14. CRIF and senior business executives dealing with finance and credit management discussed credit risk management challenges and opportunities in the current economic scenario in China.

More than 100 guests from nearly 80 companies attended the seminars and discussed the more pressing issues and concerns which are generally consistent across companies and not always related to industry, geography, regulation or competitive landscapes. The seminars started with CRIF’s cross-border supply chain management solution introduced by Galina Ho, General Manager of CRIF Asia. Then Hubert Pai, Senior Vice President of CCIS, a CRIF company, shared the picture of the credit risk management landscape in mainland China.

Other speakers focused more on how to manage the risk in global supply chains, and how the application of big data impacts on credit risk management during the supply chain financing process. By examining some of these common challenges, as well as the creative solutions that have been applied by other organizations, the attendees were better equipped to develop and revamp their own enterprise risk management programs.

Looking at the level of success and engagement with the audience, CRIF will continue the seminar series on credit risk management in 2017 to share its knowledge and experience with industry players.