Hong Kong, January 26, 2016

CRIF seminar: a scientific approach to credit risk management

​CRIF gave a speech during a seminar organized by the German Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong to share its scientific approach to effective credit and receivables management aiming at minimizing the risk of bad debts.

The seminar had an overwhelming response and attracted credit managers and business players from numerous local and international enterprises. Alexander Lo, General Manager of CRIF’s Business Information in Greater China, introduced how to quantify the probability of bad debt and develop effective credit management by applying a ‘scientific method’. He also introduced the anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism and trade embargo compliance requirements in different countries, as well as how to reduce risk thanks to an effective use of business information.

The seminar caught the attention of the audience, who participated very actively and engaged in interesting debates on how to optimize customer portfolio management, lower risk by strategically using business information services and confidently make the right decisions.