Shanghai, March 23, 2017

CRIF at the 7th China Cross-Border E-commerce Conference & Exhibition 2017 in Shanghai

The 7th China Cross-Border E-commerce Conference & Exhibition 2017, organized by PTP International, was successfully held in Shanghai on March 23, 2017.

CRIF joined the event as a sponsor and guest speaker, sharing its analysis of the latest European e-commerce market trends as well as Chinese cross-border companies that are expanding in the European market thanks to open invoices. The event brought together 600 local and overseas attendees from different industries, including many of the world's leading brands, retailers, providers, B2B trading companies, postal logistics companies, cross-border payment companies, e-commerce and venture capital companies.

Cross-border e-commerce business is developing very rapidly with an increasing number of transactions in recent years. Over 10 local and international experts were invited to discuss new challenges in the e-commerce sector in China and overseas markets, innovative solutions and marketing strategies.

During the conference, Sean Li, General Sales Manager of CRIF China gave a speech on ‘Open Invoices (Pay-After-Delivery) - The Must-Do to Penetrate EU E-commerce for China Cross-Border B2C’. In Europe, open invoices are a common payment method and are used by over the 50% of customers in DACH+ countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, etc.). Pay-after-delivery enables fast business conversion, boosting revenue by over 30% and also increasing customer trust and satisfaction. As a result, the pay-after-delivery method represents an important way for e-commerce companies in China to enter the European market. CRIF offers effective risk management services, and utilizes its own data and risk analysis services to provide a modular e-commerce solution called Order2Cash. It is a one-stop payment and risk management solution combining risk and anti-fraud checks, debtor management and customer service, with comprehensive risk and anti-fraud components. Companies can make accurate decisions and increase profits, while reducing costs and risks. Thanks to CRIF's Order2Cash solution, Chinese e-commerce companies can perform a secure open invoice payment and seize new opportunities in the European market.

CRIF is one of the five largest credit bureaus in the world, specializing in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, and credit solutions. Today, over 6,300 financial institutions and 44,000 business clients (including supply chains, insurance companies, cross-border e-commerce companies, etc.) use CRIF’s services in 50 countries every day.