CreditBility, the next major release of CreditFlow Reporting and StrategyMiner now on a new shared Business Intelligence platform

CRIF Decision Solutions is announcing the availability of CreditBility, the next major release of CreditFlow Reporting and StrategyMiner which are now on a single Business Intelligence platform.

This release, the most significant milestone in CRIF Decision Solutions’ Business Intelligence product line since the introduction of CreditFlow Reporting and StrategyMiner, delivers a more feature-filled, flexible and robust reporting suite for users of the CRIF Credit Framework: process, decision making and business intelligence components to implement dynamic, optimized and governable credit process solutions.
In line with independent research assertion about CRIF “with most-aggressive approach to empowering business experts,” CreditBility brings a complete set of tools to meet the Business Intelligence needs of CreditFlow Process Management, StrategyOne Decision Management and CLever Debt Collection users, from data definition, extraction, OLAP cube creation to reporting and dashboards all coming with out-of-the-box integration with CRIF Credit Framework products.

With CreditBility you can:

  • Adapt with speed and agility to process, strategy and reporting changes driven by ever changing business, customer and compliance requirements using easy-to-use data extraction and report creation graphical tools designed for a use by a business person without IT intervention;
  • Optimize your credit process performance to be aligned with business goals through flexible reporting and robust OLAP analysis features delivered via out-of-the-box pre-defined reports and custom report definition;
  • Control by having quick and easy visibility of all aspects of process and strategy execution activity enabling complete governance of your credit process and decisioning operations.

For more information about CreditBility or general CRIF Decision Solutions offerings inquiries, please contact