Hong Kong

CRIF Hong Kong office expands to provide legally-compliant business information on Chinese companies

CRIF, a global solution provider operating in four continents and supporting more than 3,100 banks and financial institutions as well as 25,000 companies, has announced the expansion of its Hong Kong office to provide business information on Chinese companies to the global market. There are many business information providers in China (both global and domestic), but it is not easy to identify which ones have legally-compliant and up-to-date data sources. CRIF Hong Kong meets international corporate governance standards and recently signed a distribution agreement with a state-owned enterprise to provide legal and verified data to help the global business community identify business opportunities in China.

​“The regulation on the Credit Reporting Industry, approved by Premier Wen Jiabao and enacted in March 2013, shows how important it is to gather business information in China within the confines of the law. Clause 21 stipulates that credit reporting agencies should not gather commercial information which is prohibited under the relevant laws and regulations”, said Galina Ho, General Manager of CRIF Asia Pacific. “CRIF is going to change the landscape of the Chinese business information market by providing legal and verified data that can quantify risks and opportunities.”