Bologna, Italy, May 18, 2015

CRIF becomes new Nomisma shareholder

​​The Bologna-based company, specializing in credit information systems, business information and credit management solutions, has become part of the shareholder group with a 30% stake. The decision was announced during the shareholders' meeting held on May 18 at the head offices of the economic research company, which will maintain complete operational independence.

​​​Today the ordinary Nomisma shareholders' meeting was held for the approval of the 2014 financial statement, which reported a growth in turnover and return to profit. An extraordinary meeting was held for the entry of the new shareholder CRIF S.p.A., which will hold a 30% stake in Nomisma.

​​CRIF, a company established in Bologna in 1988, is currently the leading group in continental Europe in the banking credit information sector and one of the main operators on an international level for integrated business and commercial information and credit and marketing management services, as well as being the first Italian rating agency to be registered on a European Community level. CRIF is also included in the prestigious FinTech 100, the most important classification on a global level of businesses offering vertical technology solutions for financial services.

​​For the Chairman of Nomisma, Piero Gnudi, “Today is an important day for Nomisma, because as well as approving a positive financial result, seeing the achievement of targets set out in the turnaround plan following 5 years of losses, sometimes significant, with an increase in turnover of close to 20% and a profit of around 80,000 euro, we welcome a new shareholder with international standing, who will help us grow in all areas of activity and, in particular, in the ambitious relaunch project on the subject of industrial policy that started last year.”

For Carlo Gherardi, Chairman of CRIF, “Nomisma’s expertise and independence are assets which CRIF has chosen to invest in through this strategic partnership. On our part, we bring with us the richest business and credit information assets available in Italy, as well as a direct presence in over 20 countries. Thanks to its recognized authority in industrial research, Nomisma will help us further strengthen our offering and create even more value for our mutual clients. Together we will also develop synergies and critical mass in property services, a flagship service for both, and for which, like research, the common challenge is to project the business on a global scale.”

​​CRIF will enter with a 30% stake in Nomisma's share capital, becoming the largest shareholder as well as the only shareholder-industrial partner in the Bologna-based economic and industrial research company. The transaction involves the acquisition of a minority stake aimed at future industrial partnerships. The Bologna-based economic research company will maintain complete and unchanged operational independence. The new structure will enable new studies to be developed, starting from the agro-industry, and to study new developments in economic research, with the aim of becoming increasingly international.

About Nomisma

​​Nomisma S.p.A. is an independent company carrying out economic research and consultancy for businesses, associations and public administrations on a national and international level, founded in Bologna (Italy) in 1981. Today, Nomisma is involved in many areas of economics - property valuation, urban regeneration, agri-food economics, regional economics, social economics, and technical support - offering its services to the public sector, private companies, banking groups and professional bodies.
In ancient Greek, the word nomisma signifies the “real value of things”. Taking inspiration from the root of its name, Nomisma has been a leading player in the market of economic research and consultancy for more than 30 years, with the support of over 70 shareholders who today invest in the company, and the daily work of more than 50 professionals.