Kazakh Import/Export

Kazakhstan is the 53rd largest export economy in the world.

Crude Petroleum ($19.9B), Refined Copper ($3.05B), Petroleum Gas ($2.4B), Ferroalloys ($2.28B) and Radioactive Chemicals ($1.82B) are the bullet products of its exportation.

The top export destinations of Kazakhstan are China ($5.86B), Russia ($4.73B), France ($3.37B), the Netherlands ($3.22B) and Germany ($1.92B).

The Country mainly imports Refined Petroleum ($1.09B), Packaged Medicaments ($783M), Broadcasting Equipment ($758M), Cars ($575M) and Valves ($411M), predominantly from Russia ($11.6B), China ($5.21B), Germany ($1.54B), the United States ($1.19B) and Italy ($886M).

Source: SkyMinder

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