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Risk Management & Predictive Analytics

CRIF's predictive analytics tools and software generate hundreds of millions of score calculations and risk decisions every year around the world. Learn more

Credit Bureau Scoring Systems

If you are a credit bureau or data/information provider, find out how we can help you introduce to your market an analytic, objective and easy-to-implement solution for your customers to make better, faster decisions. Learn more

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Risk & Regulatory Advisory

Credit risk management experts who provide advisory services for governance, risk assessment and management, compliance within the context of the risk appetite framework. Learn more

Process & Strategy Optimization

Putting our knowledge into practice by helping our customers analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations and strategies in every phase of the credit lifecycle, from engagement and origination to customer management and debt collection. Learn more

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Marketing and benchmarking solutions help our customers attract, retain and grow their customer base by leveraging data and applying predictive analytics. Learn more

Advanced & Big Data Analytics

CRIF Big Data Analytics is an international knowledge center supported by a Data Management Factory in Pune, India. The platform (also available to clients) is characterized by high scalability and state-of-the-art technology in data crunching and machine learning. Leveraging on data science, business and data protection skills, CRIF is able to maximize the value of data, at the same time ensuring innovation and full compliance with personal data protection and security standards. Learn more

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