On October 10 and 11, CRIF hosted the first “CRIF Asean CxO Summit”, focusing on how to manage SME finance, trade finance and Investments.

C-Level delegates from Europe, the Middle East, India and the APAC region gathered at the InterContinental hotel in Singapore for the two-day conference. The event was enriched by keynote speeches, presentations, panel discussions and workshops aimed at better understanding how technology, analytics, regulations and data fit into the picture of different regional challenges.

Economic growth for emerging markets, for instance, strongly depends on SME finance, and CRIF highlighted how governments, regulators and financial institutions can work together to ensure access to the funds for this strategic market segment.

During the conference, delegates also discussed the importance of access to enriched information and analytics on top of raw data, which, supported by software, allow companies to make more accurate and faster decisions. In this regard, CRIF gave an overview of its SME data footprint in the APAC region. Thanks to access to 25 data repositories, CRIF enhances creditor confidence in the markets, allowing them to better understand SME behavior and performance.

The “CRIF Asean CxO Summit” also highlighted the role of new technologies and Fintechs in providing agile tools to support the credit ecosystem.