DECEMBER 9, 2022

CMA Testing, and CRIF are pleased to announce their partnership to support the clients for the evaluation of their ESG performance with Synesgy, a global digital platform powered by CRIF, supporting companies to achieve their sustainability goals.

CMA Testing has always been committed to promote the sustainable growth of companies by offering energy saving solutions and energy management advice specifically tailored to every business. Therefore, this partnership will allow CMA Testing to further enrich the green services by leveraging on the Synesgy features.

Synesgy is developed according to the standards and metrics set by the Global Reporting Index (GRI), based on CRIF’s experience and advanced technology, companies can easily implement ESG self-assessment with this standardized, innovative, digital and global tool. They will receive a final ESG assessment and a certification issued by Synesgy after completion of the dedicated questionnaires, which can provide important information and insights for their sustainability planning.

“With the partnership of CRIF, we extend our ESG services sygnergically in next generation, not only helping companies to achieve their ESG goal but also projecting their sustainability and green development in the life cycle. Then, it becomes transparent and achievable, like our platform that supporting companies to have continuous improvement.” said Dominic Lam, Chief Operations Officer of CMA Testing.

“We are honoured and thrilled to partner with CMA Testing to support the acceleration of the sustainable development of the clients. Synesgy can help companies to get started on their ESG journey with achievable and measurable ESG goals, companies can also gain a clear understanding of the improvement areas in ESG after the self-assessment through Synesgy,” said Vincenzo Resta, Regional Executive Director of CRIF.


About CMA Testing

CMA Testing, established in 1979 which is a well-known third party assurance body, specializes in testing, inspection and certification services. With a dynamic team of professional experts, the worldwide networks have been spreading out rapidly to 12 global footprints locating in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America. The number of professionals is growing up while the service scope and service sectors are expanding. With a promising growth under the mission of reliability, customization and professionalism, CMA Testing is serving every party within a supply chain of every industry with the total solution regardless of locations.

To keep up with the fast-changing market as well as the wave of “re-industrialisation”,  CMA Testing not only provides diversified testing services, but also assists enterprises in upgrading and transforming to cope with the future development. With the emerge of new brand image, CMA Testing will develop diverse business solutions to respond to the needs of the market in alignment with the company’s new core values – A Better World, Passionately Curious and Perfectly Scaled, ensuring the safety of consumer products, enhancing the quality life of consumers and sustaining a green environment for the betterment of the community. In the coming future, CMA Testing will place focus on Technology Commercialisation, DNA Testing and Green Finance Service to cope with the global demand and align with government policies relating to the promotion of innovation and technology, encouraging the co-ordinated economic development between traditional priority industries and innovation and technology sector.