The Sustainability Report 2022 is in fact the first edition to be made subject to a limited assurance engagement, conducted by KPMG as an independent audit firm, to provide a further guarantee of the transparency and conformity of the reported information, and it is also the first Report to set out a three-year Sustainability Plan 2023-25 with short, medium and long-term targets.

This new milestone reflects the company's readiness to invest in an ESG strategy that actively contributes to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, as well as to the generation of shared value for all stakeholders forming part of the company's ecosystem.

In line with this aspiration, during 2022 CRIF started the materiality analysis process, according to the GRI Standards, with the aim of identifying the impacts, current and potential, that the Group generates or could generate with respect to the environment, society and people. The discussion with stakeholders about the identification and prioritization of material issues was a key moment of self-analysis and awareness-raising to guide the sustainability strategy of the entire organization.

The monitoring of environmental performance and the Carbon Footprint, the promotion of equal opportunities and the dissemination of a culture of sustainability at all levels of the organization are the main drivers on which the CRIF Group's ESG Strategy has been developed.

The Plan defines specific actions for each of the three ESG pillars - Environmental, Social and Governance - and detailed KPIs that will be periodically monitored and supplemented by setting new targets in line with the results achieved and by constantly listening to the market and stakeholders.

Thanks to the network of Global Sustainability Ambassadors, consisting of representatives from various corporate functions and from 20 countries where CRIF is active, the Sustainability Plan was given full visibility and dissemination to the entire global workforce. The objective of the Sustainability Ambassador network is to develop concrete projects for the implementation of the CRIF ESG Strategy and to disseminate sustainability values through training and communication activities.

The integration of ESG factors into the business model and business processes not only generates value for the economy, the environment and people, but also enables the CRIF Group to pursue one of its primary objectives: to promote financial inclusion and be a strategic partner, actively supporting its clients, companies, financial players and organizations in the process of sustainable transition.

"Our goal is to keep our commitments, aware of the difficulties, but also of the opportunities arising from the path we have taken. I am confident that with the contribution of everyone in the CRIF Group we will achieve them."

Carlo Gherardi – CEO CRIF


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