CRIF and Fondazione Golinelli join forces to launch the I-Tech Innovation 2021 program to fund technological innovation in the Fintech/Insurtech, FoodTech/Agritech and Digital Health Tech sectors.

€ 1.6 million in total investments for three calls dedicated to innovative startups that will be managed by the G-Factor incubator-accelerator with the support of Digital Magics.

The recent health emergency has exposed the technological and IT upgrading of infrastructures, technological innovation in commodity and service production systems, and the teaching of the digital culture in schools, which is still not adequate to compete on an international stage.

I-Tech Innovation 2021 aims to encourage the creation of a new kind of entrepreneurship with highly innovative and technological content in the immediate future, investing in areas of excellence, and in technological development.

Fondazione Golinelli, which with its incubator-accelerator known as G-Factor has become a point of reference in life sciences, and CRIF, specializing in the Fintech and Insurtech sector, are planning a series of future initiatives within the context of their partnership spanning several years in various sectors, such as: agritech, industry 4.0, open innovation, data science, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and virtual reality.

The three Calls for Innovation of the first I-Tech Innovation 2021 program will be managed by G-Factor, from promotion to selection, to the delivery of the acceleration program, with the technical support of Digital Magics, the leading startup incubator in Italy.

The three separate Calls for Innovation are aimed at selecting 13 startups who will participate in a significant mentorship program and support program in the development of their 8-month business models, involving training days in Bologna (Italy), which will be alternated with remote mentoring meetings.

For each of the 13 successful startups, € 40,000 will also be allocated to services, with a total additional investment in training of € 520,000.

Applications must be received by December 3, 2020 and the list of selected projects will be announced on April 13th, 2021.

Visit the following pages and apply now: