CRIF announces that it has concluded the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Inventia - an Italian company founded in Milan by Andrea Cinelli in 2012. Inventia is one of Europe’s leaders in Digital Onboarding, Video Biometric Recognition and Video Collaboration services thanks to its proprietary software technology Phygital 4X.

Enrico Lodi takes on the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Inventia.

CRIF became a majority shareholder in Inventia back in March 2019 and, with the acquisition of the entire block of shares, it ensures the continuity of its strategy to strengthen its innovative solutions for digital onboarding on the market, guaranteeing an increasingly fast and satisfactory customer experience to the clients of credit institutions, insurance companies, utilities and telcos.

Through Inventia’s technology, CRIF has been able to develop its ‘Omnichannel Smart Onboarding’ platform for credit processes, enhancing it with advanced components which facilitate the user experience in the ‘phygital’ (physical + digital) interaction with end clients through an end-to-end solution able to streamline the digital experience, at the same time ensuring compliance with customer authentication and identification legislation, in full compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

Specifically, the know-how that has enabled Inventia to succeed in the marketplace combines artificial intelligence, biometrics, identity recognition, video engagement, remote collaboration, and digital signature technologies, creating a phygital experience which allows players to increase online conversions, enabling the sale of products and services which have up to now been limited by regulation and a high level of complexity.

One of the main tangible benefits for players is the opportunity to expand sales channels by introducing processes such as video recognition for the purpose of opening bank accounts and taking out financial products, as well as identification through systems based on biometric recognition. All this simply by using a smartphone or PC: anytime, anywhere. 

In keeping with its investment and innovation strategy, which has always been the foundation of CRIF’s DNA, the acquisition of Inventia represents a further crucial step toward better serving its clients operating in an increasingly advanced and demanding global market.



Founded in Milan in 2012 by Andrea Cinelli, Inventia is a software house that has been nominated as a Gartner Cool Vendor and is one of Europe’s leaders in Digital Onboarding, Video Recognition and Customer Engagement solutions. Inventia has many clients worldwide, including leading banks, telcos, utilities, and automotive and insurance companies, as well as partnerships with international players, including HP and Genesys, and has numerous registered patents.

In collaboration with HP, it has established a global partnership which has brought about the realization of important digitalization projects for bank branches and in the utilities sector.