JUNE 15, 2018

Enrico Lodi, General Director of CRIF, has been appointed the President of ACCIS, the Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers, of which CRIF is a Full Member. 

 ACCIS represents the largest group of credit reference agencies in the world and brings together 40 members from across 27 European countries and 8 associate and affiliate members from other continents.

The new President's key word will be “openness” in the widest sense: being open to new opportunities and opening up new ones, playing an active part in the new ecosystem, and modernizing.

“Credit bureaus can't remain rooted in the past and act only as data managers to meet the needs of financial institutions”- commented Lodi -. The aim is to meet the challenge of innovation, following and supporting the evolution of credit bureaus from Data Providers to Solutions Providers, supporting not only the financial market, but also other industrial sectors, such as telcos and utilities, and increasingly acting as service providers to consumers, the end users, i.e. the citizens. What's more, it will be essential for credit bureaus to be ‘Fintech’ companies, identify themselves as such, be recognized as such across Europe and worldwide; also following and upholding the agreed orientations enshrined in the Association's ‘Manifesto on Big Data and Fintech’, which marked the first step of this process of self-reflection and modernization”.

In recent years, the entire credit reporting industry has changed, hence it appeared necessary to reflect on the positioning of ACCIS and its members. To this end, ACCIS carried out the ‘Building a Vision’ project, outlining an overall picture of the industry today and of what it could become in the near future.