We will provide professional consultation to the enterprises, to assist them to establish correct positioning and approach of the risk management according to the business development situation. We will support the establishment of risk management system including the optimization of information management system, risk assessment model, design of credit policy, development of the credit risk management and approval workflow. We can also provide the service of organizational structure and functional design as well as training on management and staff, to improve their sensitivity to risk and coordination as well as the successful rate and efficiency of the projects.

In addition, in order to help customers improve the efficiency of credit risk management and achieve a higher level of automated decision-making, we can build the risk management tools in the automated risk management decision-making applications, with thorough coverage of pre-and post-work needs, helping customers to carry out risk management more efficiently.

Credit Risk Solution

Compliance Audit

Our phone interview and on-site investigation team can customize the report contents according to your specific business needs for meeting the compliance requirement.