Advisory Expert System

The sales & relationship managers’ tool for complete, low-effort business risk evaluation.

The Advisory Expert System module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform provides sales & relationship managers with exactly what they need to complete a risk evaluation of a company both when onboarding new customers and when monitoring and managing existing customers.

With this module you can:

  • Have financial & economic analysis done automatically,
  • Accurately anticipate risks and discover opportunities,
  • Leverage all existing data sources as well as analytics to hone in on exactly where potential risks or inconsistencies may lie,
  • Automatically receive intelligent insights which guide the sales / relationship manager to thoroughly & quickly assess risk,
  • Improve employees’ decision-making—and business results,
  • Have a productive, positive customer engagement through the approval process. 

Contact us to find out how the Advisory Expert System module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform can transform your credit risk analysis to a smooth, efficient experience both for your sales relationship managers and your customers.