IT Management Outsourcing

Leverage the experience of the team at CRIF for IT Managed Services, Software Development, IT Operations and IT management outsourcing. 

IT Managed Services

Management Outsourcing with CRIF

IT Managed Services can be purchased on top of our Project Management services or as stand-alone services.

IT Management Outsourcing services are performed by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in software development, IT Operations and Management. 

Our IT Management Outsourcing services is based on:

  • A three tier support team to manage customer issues and requests
  • CRIF Ticket management system and Service Level Agreement definition

Basic services include for example: end user support; technical support; application management; application monitoring; troubleshooting; definition, planning and execution of fixes or workarounds; development of small changes; management of user profiles; configuration management etc.

Additional services include for example application development, automation of additional monitoring features etc. Contact CRIF today to find out how we can help manage your IT demands.