Mr. Federico Fontolan, Digital Innovation Lead at CRIF, attended the “UNESCO and UNEVOC (Hong Kong) Symposium” on 27 February 2024 to give some valuable insights about ESG data collection and evaluation for SMEs.

The symposium was jointly held by the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) and UNESCO, with the theme “Empowering Youth - Skills for green innovation: fostering green transition to a Sustainable Future”. Enabling and uplifting youth in their endeavors is essential for establishing a more and sustainable and resilient world for future generations. Hence in the event, professionals from EdUHK, UNESCO and civil society shared how different stakeholders are working together for the development of green skills.

CRIF has also been actively involved in supporting the improvement of the local communities in which it is situated, with a dedicated focus on education and knowledge sharing. Therefore, in the symposium, Federico took the opportunity to introduce the young generation to the importance of ESG data to the enterprises, especially SMEs, and supply chains. He also showcased how Synesgy, CRIF’s global ESG digital platform could help companies obtain relevant ESG data for effective ESG assessment to achieve their sustainability targets. Through the introduction, the participants could expand their knowledge of how ESG is applied in the practical business world.