On December 12, 2023, CRIF was invited to speak in a breakfast talk titled “How to Kick-Start Your ESG Journey”, which was organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao and the Green & Circular Economy Committee.

In the event, Federico Fontolan, Digital Innovation Lead at CRIF, shared some practical insights and actionable steps for companies to understand more about the ESG performance of themselves as well as of their supply chain, to establish a solid starting point for their ESG journey.  Synesgy, CRIF’s global digital ESG platform, can lead the companies to begin the ESG assessment with relevant ESG data input, while the ESG score, dashboards, and accompanying action plans provided by the platform can aid the companies in improving their ESG performance. This tool is the ideal starting point for SMEs and Heads of supply chain to empower them in their journey towards sustainability.