November 2022

In a world shaken by the pandemic, military conflicts and adverse climate conditions, companies need to constantly adapt to their surrounding environment to succeed. Due to the rapid pace of change, leaders that operate in the B2B sectors have a tough time navigating the customer acquisition cycle in the new normal of B2B sales.

Before every sales activity gets started, it is very important to gather accurate and up-to-date business information to drive the success of the initiative. According to Forrester’s Predictions 2022, “persistent digital engagement will become the norm, with 70% of marketers adopting an always-on digital engagement strategy.”

Marketing teams who recognize the needs of the modern digital buyer are well-positioned to develop initiatives that deliver value and revenue growth. To satisfy these needs, based on its capabilities and extensive experience in B2B data and digital technologies at a global level, CRIF created Margo, a digital business intelligence tool for B2B marketing and sales acceleration.

You can read all about it in the article below, “Delivering security and knowledge for business development”, published in Global Trade Review (GTR).

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