Nova Credit (“Nova”) of Hong Kong SAR and CRIF Kredit-Axborot Xismatlari (“CRIF KAX”) of Uzbekistan entered into a strategic alliance with an online signing ceremony on September 15, 2022, signifying a landmark cross-boundary co-operation between two credit bureaus.

The strategic alliance agreement includes the sharing of best practices of corporate governance, cybersecurity, privacy and data protection, and the exploration of various synergies by mutual co-operation to facilitate the development of China’s national strategy of One-Belt-One-Road (“OBOR”).

Nova is the first credit bureau to introduce business reports from Uzbekistan to Hong Kong SAR. CRIF KAX is the credit bureau established by CRIF in Uzbekistan.

According to Samuel Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Nova Credit, this strategic alliance is part of Nova’s mission as a regional super-connector to facilitate more trade and closer ties between Hong Kong SAR and Uzbekistan as well as other ASEAN countries, particularly with the GBA.

Samuel Ho also added “We are committed to working alongside OBOR countries to build resilience in financial infrastructure and sustainable economies, with the provision of best-in-class credit bureau products and services in line with our national OBOR strategy.