Solution Training

Training services and change management for the software solutions that CRIF provides to our customers. Find out more about CRIF's training program today. 

CRIF Software Training Services

Our Project Methodology is completed by our Training services and Change Management CRIF provide for the software solutions that we provide to our customers.

Our training services target, with different modules, End Users, System Administrators and training for customer trainers.

We offer a Standard Product Training Program to learn to use the CRIF Credit Managment Platform products, completed with training agenda, training material and exercises.

We offer customized Project Training sessions to help the customer to achieve the desired degree of autonomy in using and applying changes to the solution delivered with a Project:

  • The basic objective of training is to learn how to effectively and efficiently use the custom solution delivered with our Project Management Services – in this scenario the customer prefers to ask for professional services to apply changes to the delivered solution.
  • A common scenario is to train for applying selected type of changes, choosing the preferred method between training on the job or handover after project delivery.
  • The most advanced training has the objective to train on applying all types of changes – in this case the customer may take whole responsibility of the changes or ask for ‘validation services’.